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Our Work

Smart, intuitive solutions for brilliant brands.


  • Glooko is a modern diabetes management solution. We are heavily involved in all parts of the system, developing mobile applications, web backend and front end, managing cloud infrastructure, test automation, process implementation. We are very happy to be able to improve lives of diabetes patients by helping Glooko in their mission.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, underscore, objective-C, Java, hardware, Atlassian Jira, AWS


  • We were developing a custom patient chart tracking system, helping doctors to focus more on their work while optimising and speeding up the treatment process. Mobile app gives doctors instant notifications and modern web UI allows them quick lookups on data from other systems. Another part of the system allows doctors to draw contures on CT images and look through the slices and other patient information.


  • objective-C, Xamarin


  • Varian Medical Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions. We were engaged from Varian Winnipeg mostly for developing test automation suite for ARIA system. We have developed a customised and unique test framework based on Microsoft CodedUI technology with addition of custom utilities to test the application and produce reports and a live web dashboard. We also developed various POC projects experimenting with user experience and improving testing.


  • Microsoft CodedUI, C#, C++, SilkTest, TestComplete


  • CIVCO is a producer of Protura, a 6DOF robotised linac couch. Code Consulting was actively engaged in consulting and developing a process pipeline by implementing and customising Atlassian tools for this regulated product and managing their cloud servers. We were developing test automation suite using TestComplete and various small projects including mobile applications, RFID solutions etc.


  • C#, JavaScript, C++, TestComplete, Atlassian Jira, AWS


  • Retrofit is a personalized, holistic weight management solutions that transform lives and workplaces. CodeCons is actively developing web and mobile applications, testing manually and automated, and managing AWS infrastructure. We work closely with Retrofit experts to make their tasks easier and faster.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Scala, backbone, React, objective-C, Java, hardware, Atlassian Jira, AWS


  • Relimetrics is part of the Industry 4.0 movement, which serves to transform how companies design and build products. Relimetrics uses computer vision and machine learning and is a platform solution applicable to numerous industries, including automotive, manufacturing, electronics, and construction. Our software helps customers build better quality products and increases productivity of their assembly or manufacturing processes.


  • UX research, UI design


  • ImageOwl is a cloud based automated QA for medical machines. We are developing test automation suite for their web interface.


  • HTML5, CSS, C#, JavaScript, Selenium

Importance of custom Design and Development

Instead of changing your business processes to use the tool, rather design the tool which follows your already established processes.