:: software test automation

software test automation

  • finding bugs early is 5+ times cheaper
  • provide confidence to your developers – allow them to refactor, experiment and innovate without risk
  • testing should be required by law – no exceptions
  • automated test runs every time with the same precision
  • run the same test unlimited number of times
software test automation
software development

:: software development

software developmentIntegrated development between web, mobile and desktop clients and server + cloud systems (hybrid or all-in clud solutions).

Technology to be used is always determined by client needs.

MicrosoftOpen SourceAppleGoogle Apps

:: mobile applications

mobile applicationsWe cover entire application cycle, from design and idea development to publishing to app store. Testing on various devices, automated or manual, is also part of that cycle.

iOsAndroidWindows Phone

mobile applications
user experience

:: user experience

user experienceUser Interface
Integrated development between web, mobile and desktop clients and server

User eXperience
By adopting existing systems to user friendly apps which users use and love using, we create rich interactive user experience:

  • in-line data editing
  • live, real time notifications
  • multi-user awareness
  • interactive charts

:: support

Clients are our clients and we care about them, always & forever.

We have ability to provide support 24×7 from distributed teams and promptly handle any incident.
Monitoring systems provide instant notifications and call for action, resulting in no-time incident response.

:: business process implementation and optimization

Every business has it’s own process.
We work with clients to optimize process, using available tools and automation, helping them to be faster, agile, defined and compliant.

Implement and configure tools to drive and track tasks through defined process.